Product Care

Technical Riding Leggings/Base Layers/Denim Leggings

Wash inside out with similar colours to protect the longevity of seams, silicone and prevent colour runs.

Using fabric softener can reduce the wicking abilities of most of our fabrics.

Silicone can in high temperatures transfer to other surfaces when overheated too much. Please take extra care when drying, tumble dry on a low setting or hang dry away from heat sources. We don’t take any responsibility for the transferring of silicone.

Wash our denim leggings separately for the first couple of washes, as with all new denim colour run will occur. Keep the denim away from contact of lighter fabrics and furniture until the colour run has stabilised through washing. Fading of denim will occur over time.

Please do follow our care guide as no responsibility can be taken by us for damage occurring by not doing so.