About Us

Hi, I’m Michelle the proud owner of Superior Showing Attire (Proline’s sister company) my customers have long been asking me to work on a new equestrian clothing range because they know how driven I am to make perfect equestrian wear. Why? Because let’s face it, we’ve all ridden in clothing that felt uncomfortable and made us feel self-conscious.

When you’re taking part in any equestrian discipline It goes without saying, your clothes should fit perfectly, look great, boost your confidence/performance and make you feel on top form!

So by creating Proline Equine, I finally got the chance to deliver this to my loyal customers, who trust my experience for creating quality apparel that catered to every shape, size and fashion preference in our wonderfully diverse community.

Lockdown gave me a chance to finally sit down, take a breath and jump in! If you know me, you’ll know that I’m always juggling a dozen things and running from A to B at top speed with one aim in mind…to make my customers happy! I started with the promise that I wanted every single one of my customers to feel 100% confident in my designs and that I had the knowledge needed to create pieces that would flatter every body shape and make that happen.

I’m totally committed to constantly improving everything about our clothing range and we’re always looking for feedback and suggestions! Please do get in touch via the website if you have any ideas or would like to see something added to any of our ranges and we will make it happen for you!

We’re a small family business and all about making a difference for each and every one of our customers. We’re about relationships, quality and that personal touch that often gets forgotten.

Please do read our fantastic reviews and tag us for your chance to be featured either on social media or our website.
We hope you love our brand as much as we do and thanks for your overwhelming loyalty in such a short space of time.
Michelle and Team Proline